The Quality You Expect

FirePro products are manufactured under stringent quality and environmental standards and requirements.

Small Cylindrical Units

Regular Cylindrical Units

Box Type Units

HERO Manual Units

Standards like no other.

In the highly regulated market of fire engineering, FirePro matches its products with up to date information about fire engineering standards, applications and worldwide support. FirePro Ontario’s network is comprised of trained and certified professionals ready to design, supply, install and maintain the full range of FirePro products in Ontario Canada.

FirePro products are certified and listed by Underwriters Laboratories in the USA and Canada, as well as the British Standards Institute and KIWA in Europe.

FirePro generators are manufactured with a certified product life of 15 years, they are environmentally and ecologically friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive, with Zero Ozone Depletion Factor & Zero Global Warming Potential. FirePro systems are complemented by an advanced range of control & indicating panels and a state of the art range of thermo bulb self-activating devices.