Patented Technology

Our automatic fire suppression systems employ the patented FirePro Compound (FPC) technology that is itself the result of intensive and extensive R&D. FirePro systems are also tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards and requirements.

Suitable for any fire

The FirePro fire extinguishing condensed aerosol technology is suitable for Fire Classes A, B, C & F (according to EN2 Classification) and A, B & C (according to NFPA10 Classification).


  • FirePro is synonymous with environmentally friendly fire suppression technologies. FirePro designs and manufactures fire suppression systems that incorporate a patented fire extinguishing condensed aerosol forming solid compound (FPC). This compound is non-pyrotechnic and is based on eco-friendly naturally occurring potassium salts.

  • An aerosol is a 2-phase medium consisting of air/inert gases, commonly referred to as the carrier gas/es and solid particles measuring from a few micrometres (10-6 m) to a few nanometres (10-9 m), commonly known the active agent. Condensed aerosol firefighting technology gained increasing recognition as the acceptable substitute for HFCs, which were banned following the Montreal Protocol due to their negative impact on the Ozone layer and the environment in general.

  • Each FirePro unit houses a set amount of our FPC solid chemical compound which on activation is transformed into a rapidly expanding condensed aerosol fire extinguishing agent. The FPC is actuated via a low amperage D/C electrical pulse of 0.6 – 0.8A and 1.5 – 36V.

  • The discharged condensed aerosol consists of a mixture of inert gases (the carrier gas) and the active agent (K2CO3). Fire is extinguished through a chemical reaction that inhibits flame free radicals on a molecular level from interacting with oxygen without reducing oxygen levels. This method has been proven to be extremely effective and efficient.

  • Not at all. The internal pressure within a FirePro unit is equal to that of atmospheric pressure at sea level. Our units do not require any hydrostatic pressure testing or other expensive periodic maintenance procedures. Upon activation, internal pressure is developed within the unit casing, as the solid chemical compound transforms into a rapidly expanding condensed aerosol and exits through the discharge ports.

  • The FirePro BTA mechanical controller allows detection and automatic fire extinguishing with the use of a bulb sensor rated at specified temperatures. The BTA is attached to the condensed aerosol unit and it is considered a standalone solution (i.e. one BTA per FirePro unit). The BTA can be used in a wide range of applications such as telecom shelters, generator rooms, electrical cabinets and any other small enclosure (typically less than 50m3).

  • FirePro systems are ideal for both conventional and for non-conventional applications that were once considered to be technically or financially challenging for other technologies.

    Indicative applications include: Electrical Panels/Cabinets, Control Rooms, Electrical Substations, Battery Rooms, Diesel Generators, CHP units, Machinery Spaces / Plant rooms, Archive Rooms, Warehouses, CNC machines, Oil Storage Areas, Transformers, Historic Buildings, Solvent Rooms, Paint Cabins, Service Risers, Telecom Areas, Vehicle Engine Bays including Marine & Railway applications.

  • FirePro’s patented solid condensed aerosol forming compound was tested by KIWA (EU) and UL (US) with procedures defined by international technical committees and has been assessed and certified to have a lifetime of 15 years.

  • FirePro provides a product warranty to include product defect free period of 3 years and product functionality of 5 years, the definitions of which are elaborated below:

    Product Functionality: A FirePro unit is comprised of multiple components hence each component may fail at a particular instance. For this reason, components which are faulty and or behave abnormally can be replaced within a period of 5 years.

    Defect Free Period: FirePro units are manufactured under stringent quality conditions/inspections based on ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems therefore items found to be defective can be replaced within a period of 3 years.

  • FirePro units are certified for use on class A, B, C & F fire hazards according to EN2 (EU) and A, B & C fire hazards as per NFPA 10 (US).

  • FirePro is considered to be ozone friendly as it contains no CFC’s and is SNAP Listed (Significant New Alternative Policy) according to the EPA* (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). FirePro’s FPC solid condensed aerosol forming compound does not contain any substances that contribute to global warming or have a negative impact on the environment.

  • The main components of a FirePro system are: Fire Extinguishing Panel, Fire Detectors (e.g. Smoke, Heat, Fire, L.H.D. “Linear Heat detector cable”), Warning devices, Isolation switch, Sequential activators, and the Fire Extinguishing Agent.

  • FirePro operates on the principle of ‘total flooding. Strictly following and fulfilling the pertaining guidelines and requirements is essential. It is for example important to a) calculate the protected enclosure’s volume b) maintain safety distances c) follow post discharge procedures. Guidelines concerning condensed aerosol and all other total flooding agents are found in NFPA 2010 Chapter 4.

  • FirePro technology is fundamentally differentiated by the chemical nature of the patented condensed aerosol forming solid compound (FPC). This, matched with the high quality of components and advanced system design, have earned FirePro numerous listings, type approvals and endorsing test reports.

    FirePro is probably the only condensed aerosol manufacturer that:

    • Maintains ISO9001 and ISO 14001 management systems thus demonstrating quality and commitment to improve.
    • Represents the aerosol technology in international technical committees during the last 20 years in the formulation of standards.
    • Maintains the largest and most diverse list of client references ranging from electrical panel protection to nuclear power stations.
    • Provides a 3rd party liability insurance.
    • Is certified as per EU directives on CE markings by an accredited body.
    • Provide TUV certificate for the generators, demonstrating their safety integrity level and their operational reliability.

    FirePro condensed aerosol forming solid compound:

    • Does not decompose to form acidic by-products (such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride or similar).
    • Is classified according to Dangerous Goods as 9 (Miscellaneous Solids).
    • Does not contain pyrotechnic material (e.g. nitro guanidine or nitrocellulose or Cyano-guanidine (dicyandiamide) either in the solid aerosol forming compound and/or in the cooling material) therefore there is no risk of explosion.
    • Does not contain any Chlorides or Per Chlorates which are corrosive chemicals, damages electronics and other sensitive materials.
    • Does not contain any form of Cyanides, Ammonia or Nitrogen Oxides.
  • In the last two decades, FirePro has been protecting lives and assets against fire in numerous industries and applications across the world. These include Power Plants and Networks, Telecom Facilities, Warehouses, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Processing Plants, Mines, Tunnels, Airports, Trains, Vessels, Oil Rigs, Wind Turbines and other. Some of the organizations who have trusted FirePro are Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Several National Power Grid Corporations, Petrobras Brazil, Carrefour, Samsung, Vodafone, Bloomberg, Coca Cola, Eurostar, MTR Hong Kong, Emirates Airports, Central Banks, De Beers Mines, Hyundai Heavy Industries and many more.

  • FirePro offers numerous advantages to all stakeholders (designers, installers and clients) defining it as a desirable system which earns wide acceptance from both clients and engineering societies.

    For the Designer:

    • Simple to design as it is unaffected by ambient conditions or other design factors that could add complexity during the design stage.
    • Modular as it can be easily expanded, relocated or altered.
    • Fail Safe as it can be activated by three different modes (thermal, electrical, self-activation at 300ºC).
    • Feasible to adopt to applications that were technically or financially challenging to adopt using traditional technologies.

    For the Installer:

    • There is no need for performing pressure integrity test of the enclosure.
    • The installation is simple and fast.
    • No Piping is required.

    For the Client:

    • No Storage Space of Cylinder Banks Required.
    • No pressure test required for components over system lifecycle.
    • Up to 15 years lifetime.
    • Safe for People and the Environment.

    Durable and Environmentally Friendly:

    • Suitable to be used in environments with ambient temperature range -54ºC to +100ºC.
    • ODP = Zero
    • GWP = Zero
    • ALT = Negligible

Time to get FirePro

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