Reinventing Fire Suppression

FirePro products are industry-leading, environmentally friendly automatic fire extinguishing systems.

FirePro Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression is Here!

Sustainable future… today! For FirePro, our environment conscious engineers are the ultimate green heroes.

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The FirePro® product line offers endless possibilities for professionals in multiple industries.

When a fire starts FirePro® begins extinguishing it in under 30 seconds and puts it completely out in minutes.

Environmently Friendly

Mulitple Applications

Latest Technology

FirePro Products

The possibilities with FirePro are simply endless.

FirePro has a proven track record of being a simplistic, versatile & highly effective fire suppression agent.

The modular, pre-engineered FirePro units efficiently and effectively protect conventional, as well as, specially-designed projects. Some of the many sectors where FirePro has proven track record for effective fire suppression: Industrial, Marine, Electrical, Standby Power, Transportation, Development, and 1st Responders.

Also FirePro’s automatic fire suppression systems employ the patented FirePro Compound (FPC) technology that is itself the result of intensive and extensive R&D. FirePro systems are tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards and requirements.

FirePro Extinguishing Technology

FirePro fire suppression systems contain the latest generation of FirePro’s FPC Compound. Upon activation, the FPC transforms into a rapidly expanding highly efficient and effective fire suppression condensed aerosol that is distributed evenly in the protected enclosure using the momentum developed in the transformation process.

In contrast to the traditional fire extinguishing methods (gaseous or fire sprinkler systems), the fire is extinguished predominately by interrupting the chemical chain reactions in the flame as per the tetrahedron of fire, without depleting oxygen. Furthermore. Plus, FirePro is compatible with conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.